Credits & Resources

A list of tools, websites, and sources used to collect lost content.

The Internet Archive - The Archive does pickup up Shockwave and Flash files, but can't deep copy complex games. Particularly useful when searching known mistypings of domain names.

Jpcap Library - Using software based on this library, it is possible to determine what files a Shockwave game loads.

Black Namek - Defunct Toonami fansite that provided the Lockdown maps.  Later, it was found that the internet archive had saved most of the maps except for one.

Player Three - The original creators of Toonami Lockdown.

Pepworks - The creators of the Trapped in Hyperspace game.

Powerful Robot Games - Developed the Fight to the Finish game.

Templar Studios - Created the IGPX microseries game.

The Tcpdump Package - Contains wget, the Winpcap and Jpcap libraries, and the Java application.  Used to scan games for their loaded files and download them.